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Controlling Crabgrass in Lawns

Though it might have a strange name, Crabgrass is a common nuisance for homeowners across the state of Georgia and throughout the USA. This fast-growing invasive weed can quickly overtake a lawn if left ignored. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide premium lawn care services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. Are you concerned about the appearance of Crabgrass in your lawn or garden? Here are a few helpful tips on how to remove existing Crabgrass, and how to properly prevent growth in the future.

Why is Crabgrass Common in the Atlanta, Georgia Area?
Unfortunately, the Atlanta area is the perfect region for this weed variety. Crabgrass thrives in environments that are dry and hot. This allows it to compete with your lawn for moisture and important nutrients. You will often see Crabgrass emerge in the middle of Spring, once the daily temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer, when rain is scarcer and the heat is at its maximum, the Crabgrass can proliferate extremely quickly. When it does, it can easily choke out most of your once lush and beautiful Fescue, Zoysia or Bermuda grass.

How to Kill Crabgrass on Your Lawn
If you notice a few patches of Crabgrass growing on your lawn early in the season, then you can pull the weed by hand or remove it manually with gardening tools. However, once the Crabgrass begins to seed, you are likely going to see many more appear in the coming weeks. If this is the case, the best way to successfully reduce the amount of Crabgrass is to call a certified lawn care specialist. They will have the training, education and resources needed to quickly kill the Crabgrass and other weeds without damaging your beautiful lawn.

Preventing Regrowth in the Spring
Provide a layer of mulch over winter, to prepare your lawn for the arrival of spring. This natural, organic product can also help to feed your soil with vital nutrients over time. To keep Crabgrass out of your flowerbeds, be sure to plant them as close together as possible, to effectively block the sunlight from reaching any Crabgrass seeds beneath. Of course, the fastest and most effective way to avoid Crabgrass in the spring and summer is to invest in routine weed control treatments by a qualified lawn care professional. Our certified lawn care specialists have been trained in the use of safe and effective weed control practices, so you can keep your lawn lush year after year.

Do You Need Help Improving the Condition of Your Lawn? Call Arbor-Nomics Today
Are you ready to get rid of Crabgrass or other invasive varieties of weeds and plants? Then call the experts at Arbor-Nomics. Our certified lawn care specialists are excited to offer a wide range of high-quality services for local clients in Atlanta, Woodstock, Brookhaven, Cumming, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Marietta and other nearby neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia. Contact our office for more information or to schedule a convenient appointment with a local professional in your community.