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Atlanta Mosquito Lawn Treatment & Control Services

Atlanta mosquito control – available as an add-on service.

Mosquitoes may not harm your lawn, trees, or shrubs, but they can prevent you and your family from spending time in your yard. They can also transmit the West Nile virus and other diseases.

Our Mosquito Control Treatment Plan

Our once-a-month application controls mosquitoes throughout their active season, from March through October. The treatment kills both adult mosquitoes and their larvae.

It is, however, safe for children and pets, so the whole family can have fun outside.

Check out our Silver, Gold and Platinum plans.

Our Plans
Our Plans
Thursday March 16, 2023

Look Out for These Spring Pests

Spring has finally sprung here in Georgia, and we’re excited to get back outside onto our patios and decks to experience the warm sunshine once more. Unfortunately, so are the springtime pests that live in our yard. From ticks to ants and mosquitos, enjoying time outdoors can become a hassle when dealing with such problematic pests. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled for informed pest control. Ticks Ticks are…

Deer eating vegetation in lawn
Tuesday August 20, 2019

How to Protect Your Lawn from Deer Damage

Yes, deer are lovely to look at. But the damage they can do to ornamental trees, shrubs, and other plants is not. Though there’s no sure-fire way to completely deer-proof your yard, there are several measures you can take to deter them, and the bigger your bag of tricks the better. Here are a few of the many popular approaches to keeping Bambi at bay. Wrap Young Trees During Fall….

Purple and pink hydrangea bushes.
Tuesday April 23, 2019

How to Keep Your Southern Shrubs and Trees Thriving

Ornamental trees and shrubs add an undeniable beauty to a southern landscape. Because of their size, they can be a source of privacy without being overwhelming, and many shrubs, like hydrangeas, azaleas, and butterfly bushes, produce beautiful blooms to enjoy throughout the year. To simplify the science behind supporting your trees and shrubs, we’ve pulled together a short but comprehensive list of tips. Select your shrubs with care. The first…