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Brown patch fungus in lawn

Avoid These Three Common Summer Lawn Diseases

Atlanta’s hot summer temperatures unfortunately create the perfect conditions for a few summer lawn diseases that can be difficult to treat. Keep a close eye on your lawn during the summer months – since these conditions are common, they can appear relatively quickly. Here are three summer lawn diseases to watch out for this summer and a few tips on how to mitigate the risk of your lawn contracting them….

Dog on lawn with chew toy.

How Dog Owners Can Keep Their Lawns Healthy

While we all love our canine friends, keeping your lawn lush and healthy when you own a dog can be challenging. From territory-marking to digging, your pet may have your lawn looking a little worse for the wear. If this is the case, read on for our tips on how to keep your southern lawn looking its best. If you’re noticing yellow or brown dead patches in your yard or…