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Avoid These Three Common Summer Lawn Diseases

Atlanta’s hot summer temperatures unfortunately create the perfect conditions for a few summer lawn diseases that can be difficult to treat. Keep a close eye on your lawn during the summer months – since these conditions are common, they can appear relatively quickly. Here are three summer lawn diseases to watch out for this summer and a few tips on how to mitigate the risk of your lawn contracting them.

Brown Patch. This fungal disease creates spots that can range from a few inches to a few feet in diameter. It’s most common when temperatures reach above 90 degrees and turf is both wet and hot for many hours. Watering correctly is the key to avoiding brown patch. Make sure to water in the early morning hours before the sun has risen directly overhead. This will give it a chance to be absorbed and evaporate as the sun rises. Watering in the evenings is not preferable, since the water will take longer to evaporate and leave the turf damp.

Powdery Mildew. This fungus is easily recognizable since it looks like its name – a white powder that can harm turf and plants alike. It spreads most effectively in hot temperatures but can survive in many weather conditions, including low humidity and cool, wet weather. This pesky disease can cause a lot of damage since it takes nutrients from the leaves it infects. To avoid it, water plants at their base, not from above.

Dollar Spot. As its name indicates, dollar spot usually appears in patches roughly the size of a silver dollar. This disease also thrives in wet conditions and warm temperatures. Springs that are especially rainy or overcast create the perfect conditions for dollar spot to appear. Keeping your lawn clean of debris and air circulating are effective ways to prevent this fungus. Watering in the early morning and avoiding overwatering should also help.

If you notice one of these summer lawn diseases, contact us right away. Time is of the essence, since they spread quickly. Our technicians are skilled in recognizing and treating these common problems and will help get your lawn back to looking its best as soon as possible.