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Lawn Care in Atlanta, GA: Testimonials

The following are quotes from current Arbor-Nomics, Turf. Inc customers of our lawn care in Atlanta.

DALE Freeman AvatarDALE Freeman
A special note of appreciation to Arbor-Nomics, specifically, for Nick who is my Service technician. Through the focused efforts and support Nick is providing my yard looks amazing. It is true joy to work with Nick and Arbor-Nomics as a team to provide continuous improvement for my lawn. Thanks Nick!
Lynn Duncan AvatarLynn Duncan
Our yard looks so much better since we started using Arbor-Nomics. We planted zoysia in our back yard last fall. With the harsh winter, the new grass was struggling. In early spring, only the weeds were thriving, and we were concerned we would need to lay new sod. Arbor-Nomics started treating the yard in May, and we saw steady improvement week by week. Now, it’s August, and the grass looks healthy and thick. We highly recommend Arbor-Nomics because we can see the difference their service makes.
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Felix Guerrero AvatarFelix Guerrero
Josh Fuller not only took care of the weeds problem but also offered ideas how to make my lawn to look better. Excellent customer service.
Troy Heinzman AvatarTroy Heinzman
Arbor-Nomics – The Green Thumb Maestros of Yard Care What Mozart is to music, Arbor-Nomics is to yard care. They’re not just a fertilizer company; they’re horticultural virtuosos who compose symphonies of verdant lawns and vibrant gardens, turning ordinary yards into extraordinary landscapes. Before Arbor-Nomics entered our lives, we were like wanderers in the wilderness of yard care, experimenting with different companies, and even trying to wield the green thumb ourselves. Those attempts, though valiant, were like unfinished sonnets, lacking the poetic finesse that Arbor-Nomics effortlessly brings to the table. Arbor-Nomics offers more than just yard service; they offer a personalized touch that makes you feel like the star of your very own home improvement show. They turn you from a number in their client database into a valued member of their green family. Every visit leaves behind not just a healthier, happier yard, but also a wealth of detailed notes and suggestions for improvement. It’s as if each service is accompanied by a mini-masterclass in lawn care. The transformation of our yard has been nothing short of miraculous, like watching a timelapse of a barren desert transforming into a lush oasis. And when we were at war with the Japanese beetles, Arbor-Nomics stepped in like gallant knights, rescuing our yard from the clutches of these invasive marauders. In essence, Arbor-Nomics is more than just a service provider; they are partners in our quest for the perfect yard. They’ve turned our lawn into a testament to their skills and our trust in their expertise. Yard Care Service Rating? An unequivocal 5 out of 5 stars, for their exceptional service, dedication, and the green masterpiece they’ve created. I’d recommend them with as much enthusiasm as a dog has for a game of fetch!
Nick Truitt AvatarNick Truitt
Met Wade today, he took the extra time to explain everything he was doing and gave me a ton of great info to keep our yard in good health. I was very impressed!
Elizabeth Tucker AvatarElizabeth Tucker
We’ve been using Arbornomics for over 5 years for weed control, fertilizing, aeration, and overseeding. They are always punctual and professional. Justin is our service technician and he is very responsive and knowledgeable. I have been very happy with our service!
Lois Gratton AvatarLois Gratton
Today we were serviced by Michael from this company. He is friendly and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions. I left this review 10 months ago and I am leaving another one to say that we are still thrilled with the service we are receiving from this company. Prior review: “We chose Arbor-Nomics this year due to the beautiful lawn they service in our neighborhood, and their competitive prices. They do weed control and fertilizing on our lawn. The technician always contacts us the day prior to the service. Our lawn looks better than it has looked in 2 years since we moved here.”
francesca higham Avatarfrancesca higham
Bit the bullet. We have never ever done weed services. After getting a few HOA letters last year we decided it was time. The rep who came to visit us,John, was very friendly & let us know what would work best for us and our front lawn. We are also at the age now( yay for us) where we qualify for a Senior discount. First application was the day of the tornadoe watch/deluge. I reached out that Monday and they re-visited us Tues. Can’t wait to see the results
Brinson Camp AvatarBrinson Camp
Have been using Arbor-Nomics for 6+ years at two different houses. They come 7 times a year to treat my zoysia and it’s always looking fantastic. Collin is my current service guy and he doesn’t miss a beat. Always let’s me know they day before and comes and applies a variety of seasonal treatments to keep my yard green and weed free!
Carolann R. AvatarCarolann R.
Keith is fantastic! Always texts in advance of his services. Should weather prohibit his service visit he communicates without fail and notifies of the reschedule. He leaves detailed service notes: what was done, what he noticed and notes for what I need to do (like how much to water or another service suggestion – like aeration) for best results. Lawn is gorgeous. Great service, over and over again!
Katie Hotard AvatarKatie Hotard
Arbornomics keeps our yard looking great at a reasonable price and offers convenient payment options. Even more important to us is keeping our dog indoors and safe from chemical exposure on application days. Keith always notifies me the day before he visits – and that peace of mind is priceless!
Natosha Land AvatarNatosha Land
Elijah is by-far the best tech these guys have. It’s always a joy to see him. He has my rental property lawn looking magnificent. He is always so professional and courteous. You can tell that he really cares about a quality job and providing top notch customer service! This guy is going places!!
Gary AvatarGary
Marshall with Arbor-Nomics does a great job maintaining the health of our yard, shrubs, and trees. He’s very knowledgeable about pests and diseases and how to prevent them and cure any issues that may crop up (almost never do, though)
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Kenneth Adams AvatarKenneth Adams
Arbor Nomics is a great lawn service company. After some trouble with my Zoysia lawn (self induced) Lee Hayes personally came out all summer every 2 or 3 weeks and got the grass back in wonderful shape. I’m sad that we already had a freeze. My Zoysia is still green as ever. I’m so looking forward to working with Lee this winter and next spring. My lawn is going to look absolutely amazing. Regardless if it’s grubs, army worms or weeds. Lee and his team will personally return my calls and address my concerns. The office staff are wonderful as well. If you’re having problems with your lawn after working with Lee and Arbor Nomics it’s got to be us and not them. They are a highly recommended company and I will never use any other service.
Henry Creagh AvatarHenry Creagh
Lee Hayes, our Arbor-Nomics technician has done a great job managing our large and difficult lawn. He answers questions and gives suggestions and has numerous times responded quickly to specific issues- armadillos, suspected fungus, helping us get new fescue lawn area established. Problems handled, and he’s great to work with. We’ve used Arbor-Nomics for well over ten years and we are very pleased.