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Atlanta Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care

The right care for your ornamental trees and shrubs.

Our Gold and Platinum plans are a testament to our commitment to providing unparalleled care to your ornamental trees and shrubs throughout the year. Each season brings different challenges and needs, and our services are meticulously designed to address each one, ensuring your greenery is not just surviving but thriving splendidly.

The Beauty of Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

At Arbor-Nomics, we understand the allure of ornamental trees and shrubs in crafting a garden scene that takes your breath away. Our specialized ornamental tree and shrub care services are designed to preserve and enhance the aesthetic and health of these garden treasures, making them a highlight in any Atlanta home.

Pest and Disease Protection: A Shield of Care

In the balmy Atlanta climate, pests and diseases find a comfortable home in ornamental trees and shrubs. However, with Arbor-Nomics by your side, these threats are efficiently mitigated. Our application of premium fungicides and insecticides offers robust protection against common warm-weather threats, safeguarding the health and vibrancy of your ornamental plants.

Winter Atlanta Tree Care: Dormant Oils for Long-Form Protection

Winter is a time of rest for your trees and shrubs, but not for Arbor-Nomics. We apply dormant oils diligently during the colder months to counter insects that seek refuge in the bark and branches, preventing potential infestations as the temperature rises again in spring.

Seasonal Fertilization: Nourishing Roots and Foliage

A flourishing ornamental tree or shrub is the result of careful and targeted nourishment. Our seasonal ornamental tree and shrub care includes the application of foliar fertilizers during the growing season, promoting lush, green foliage that captures the eye and heart. When winter comes, we shift our focus to the roots, providing them with the nutrients they need to support vibrant growth when spring returns.

Choose Arbor-Nomics for Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care in Atlanta

Crafting a garden of enchanting ornamental trees and shrubs begins with choosing Arbor-Nomics. With our specialized care plans and dedicated services, your ornamental plants receive the love and attention they need to stand tall and beautiful year after year.

Our Plans
Our Plans
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