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Arbor-Nomics Lawn Rehab – Episode Two!

Today we’re checking back in on the weed-infested yard in Monroe, Georgia, that we visited in our previous episode. After only one broadleaf weed treatment, you can see the clover, plantain, and dandelions have started to die back. We also share the next steps in the transformation of this yard from weed-plagued to lush. Join us for Episode Three, coming soon!
Love your home

Love Your Space, Inside and Out

You love the inside of your home for the good time your family has together. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extend that feeling outside? With fertilization, weed control, and a whole lot of know-how, Arbor-Nomics can make your home as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Love the Outside of Your Home

You love the inside of your home for the good times you have together. No wonder, it’s a beautiful space. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extend the feeling outside? With fertilization, weed control and a whole lot of know-how, Arbor-Nomics can make your home as beautiful on the outside – as it is on the inside.
Video lawn rehab

Welcome to Arbor-Nomics Lawn Rehab!

Today, in our first episode, we’re tackling a project at the home of new Arbor-Nomics customer Bo Walls in Monroe, Georgia. His yard has been taken over by the resilient invaders clover and dandelion. Watch as we apply broadleaf weed control and share valuable lawn care tips to help you keep your lawn weed-free. Join us soon for Episode Two!
Certified Landscape Specialists

Arbor-Nomics Certified Landscape Specialists

The Certified Landscape Specialists at Arbor-Nomics have extensive education that goes well beyond industry standards and requirements. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of lawn and ornamental tree and shrub care and certified in applying herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Get the best for your lawn from those who know your lawn.
Fairy Ring

How to Identify and Treat Fairy Ring

Fairy rings are circular areas of abnormal turf or mushroom growth that are found on lawns where soils contain high levels of organic matter. Fungi create the rings by feeding on roots and other wood buried in the soil as they decay. Fairy rings expand outward from a central starting point in a relatively uniform, circular pattern.
Poa Annua

Treating Poa Annua in Zoysia – Part I

We installed Zoysia sod for this homeowner in the fall. Then, in March, poa annua started to creep into the seams of the sod. With a combination of Georgia heat and Arbor-Nomics treatments, this weed’s days are numbered, and this lawn will be looking great in no time.
Poa Annua Zoysia

Poa Annua Treated in Zoysia – Part II

As summer progressed, this Zoysia sod has taken root and turned green. Arbor-Nomics has applied fertilizer and fungicide, and the weeds are now under control. The result is a beautiful lawn of high-quality Zoysia grass.
Healthy Fescue

A Healthy and Beautiful Fescue Lawn

This yard was composed mostly of weeds and dirt. Once sod was installed, Arbor-Nomics stepped in, applying fertilizer and herbicides. Our custom combination of treatments produced this beautiful Fescue lawn.
Gall on Azaleas

How to Identify and Treat Gall on Azaleas

Gall is a fungus that attacks azaleas. This disease causes the leaves, flowers, buds, and stems to become misshapen with fleshy growths. Gall can be removed without serious damage to the plant by pulling off the affected outgrowths.
Poa Annua Trivialis

How to Identify and Treat Poa Trivialis

Rough bluegrass (Poa trivialis) is a perennial cool-season grass that invades other cool-seasons grasses like fescue. It’s ordinarily lime green, but when it dies out around June it leaves ugly brown patches. The only way to eradicate this weed is to dig out the clumps and replace them with patches of fescue.
Lawn lesson

Lawn Lesson #1

Lawn lesson

Lawn Lesson #2

Frost damage to turf

Irregular Turf Pattern Due to Frost

Extremely low temperatures produce ice and frost, which are obviously not good for grass. The brown areas that result follow drainage patterns. Fortunately, this damage is usually not permanent in Bermuda lawns, and eventually all the grass will go dormant for the winter.
Gardenia damage

Gardenia Damage Due to Cold Temperatures

The first symptom of winter damage to gardenias is typically blackened leaves. Longer exposure to chilling temperatures can also kill the flower buds. In most cases, the harm is not fatal to the plants and they rejuvenate in the spring.
Aphids Myrtles

How to Identify and Treat Aphids on Myrtles

Aphids feed by sticking their mouthparts into the plant and sucking out the sugar-rich sap. The aphids’ sticky waste, called honeydew, spawns black, sooty mold. Treatment includes two insecticides, one sprayed as usual and another applied to soil. When watered in, it is absorbed by the roots of the plant, rendering it poisonous to aphids.