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Top 5 Hardest Lawn Care Issues

While most homeowners want a beautiful green lawn, achieving and maintaining such a result can be very challenging. There are a lot of factors to consider when caring for your grass, and many things are largely outside of the owner’s control. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide quality lawn care services for local clients in Atlanta, Georgia and nearby communities. We understand how frustrating it can be to obtain the landscaping you…

Close-up of aeration of compacted soil.

The Atlanta Guide to Aeration and Overseeding

You know that water and good soil are essential for a lush, green lawn. But you might not know that part of what makes a soil good is empty space, or tiny holes called pores.  The porous nature of healthy soil is what allows water, air, and lawn fertilizers to penetrate the ground and circulate down to the root system, where they’re needed.   When pores are too small or…

Lawn mower in grass.

Lawn Maintenance Tools: What You Need and How to Use Them

We’re proud of our lawn treatment programs, but, like you, we are well aware that they are only part of a comprehensive lawn care regimen. Each of those tasks requires an appropriate tool. Walk into any home improvement store, and you’ll see an overwhelming selection. It’s hard to know where to start! To help you prepare for spring, we’ve listed the ones that are most important for keeping your Atlanta…

Purple and violet spring pansies.

5 Flowers to Plant Now for Early Spring Blooms

February means that spring is just around the corner. Though your lawn may look dormant, now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming warm season. Pre-spring treatments like aeration and fertilization are key to maintaining beautiful, thick grass. And if you’re anxious for some color to appear in your garden soon, try planting these five flowers that you’ll be able to harvest in early spring. Sweet Peas. Sweet…

Trees and shrubs in green lawn.

Atlanta Georgia Planting Season: What to Plant and When

We’re at the start of a brand new year, a great time to plan gardening and landscaping for the months ahead. Read on for our breakdown of what and when to plant in your Atlanta garden. While maintaining a beautiful garden and lawn takes labor, you’ll be rewarded by a bounty of colorful, fragrant flowers, delicious vegetables, and a beautiful Atlanta lawn to enjoy throughout the year.

Aeration of Fescue lawn.

Fall Fescue Care

Now’s that time when Fescue lawns have reached their low point. But have no fear – it’s a normal phenomenon, and with an effective Atlanta lawn care program, you can get your turf looking lush and green in no time. Summer stress does a number on cool-season turf like Fescue, causing bare patches and thinning grass. That’s why fall aeration and overseeding, paired with proper fertilization, is essential to recovering…

Sprinkler watering lawn and lawn mower

Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is prime time for homeowners to enjoy their yards, so of course everyone wants a lawn that looks its best. Unfortunately, many people face frustration and disappointment while working toward their dream lawns. Many of those problems can be avoided with a few adjustments to your Atlanta lawn care routine. Here are four top lawn care mistakes our Certified Landscape Specialists see, and how you can avoid them. #…

Monkey grass with violet blooms

How to Maintain “Monkey Grass”

Chances are if you live in Atlanta, you’ve seen this ornamental grass and likely have some in your yard. This popular plant is as an ideal candidate for groundcover and border planting in the south. Its hardiness and versatility make it an easy choice for Atlanta homeowners. Monkey grass requires very little maintenance but yields great rewards in its ability to give your yard an aesthetic facelift. Monkey Grass Facts:…

Large patch disease in Zoysia lawn

Caring for Your Zoysia Grass in Atlanta

Atlanta is famous for its mild winters and hot, humid summers, sometimes hitting clear over 100 degrees. While the summers are typically humid, that doesn’t necessarily mean steady rainfall. Drought is not uncommon, and when coupled with poor attention to the lawn by homeowners, the combination can serve as a one-two punch to your lawn. Why Zoysia? The reason most homeowners and investors choose to use Zoysia grass in Georgia…