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Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is prime time for homeowners to enjoy their yards, so of course everyone wants a lawn that looks its best. Unfortunately, many people face frustration and disappointment while working toward their dream lawns. Many of those problems can be avoided with a few adjustments to your Atlanta lawn care routine. Here are four top lawn care mistakes our Certified Landscape Specialists see, and how you can avoid them.

# 1 — Watering Woes:

  • Wrong Time: It’s best to water in the morning before 10:00 AM so water doesn’t evaporate in the heat of the day. It might be tempting to water at night because of cooler conditions, but that practice can encourage fungal diseases.
  • Wrong Amount: Most lawns need at least an inch of water per week. Some people think it’s best to water a little each day, but in reality, your lawn needs a good, deep soaking two to three times a week to develop an extensive root system. Keep in mind that overwatering can damage your lawn as much as underwatering can.

# 2 — Mowing Misfortunes:

  • Cutting Too Much: Remove only a third of the grass blade at each mowing so your turf can maintain its balance between above- and below-ground growth. If grass is cut too short, the resulting stress will cause it to look burnt.
  • Dull Blade: Make sure you sharpen your blade Grass cut with a dull blade will appear torn rather than clean-cut. Dull blades can cause discoloration and also make your lawn more susceptible to disease.
  • Removing Clippings: Bagging your clippings may leave your lawn looking neater, but leaving them will provide nutrients to the soil.

# 3 — Treatment Troubles:

Unless you’re well-versed in lawn care knowledge, it’s wise to consult a Certified Landscape Specialist when you suspect a problem to avoid misdiagnosing it and risking further damage. Always follow directions when applying fertilizers and other treatments. Applying the wrong type of fertilizer or applying the right type at the wrong time can have devastating effects on a lawn.

# 4 — Aeration Oversight:

Some homeowners don’t see the value in spending extra money to aerate every year, and their lawns show it. Aeration provides major benefits to your turf, including reducing soil compaction and allowing nutrients to flow more freely to your grass’s roots. It’s important that you use a hollow tine aerating machine, or hire a professional to do so. Aerate warm-season turf in the spring, aerate and overseed cool- season turf in the fall, and be sure to care for your lawn properly after aeration.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy, green lawn may seem like an easy feat if you’ve never tried your hand at it. Once you do, you’ll realize there’s a lot of work, strategy, and know-how involved. Fortunately, professionals like those at Arbor-Nomics are ready to join you in that venture.