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Lawn Maintenance Tools: What You Need and How to Use Them

We’re proud of our lawn treatment programs, but, like you, we are well aware that they are only part of a comprehensive lawn care regimen. Each of those tasks requires an appropriate tool. Walk into any home improvement store, and you’ll see an overwhelming selection. It’s hard to know where to start! To help you prepare for spring, we’ve listed the ones that are most important for keeping your Atlanta lawn looking its best. Read on for our suggestions.

  1. Gloves. Invest in a durable pair of gardening gloves. They’ll help protect your hands from blisters while raking or shoveling, and they’ll keep your hands safe from sharp plants like holly when hedging. They are also helpful to have ”on hand” when weeding and gardening.
  2. Hand Trowel. This small tool packs a big punch, as you’ll likely reach for it again and again. Use a trowel for digging small holes when gardening and for digging up those stubborn weeds. It’s also helpful to use when mixing fertilizer into your soil or when planting potted plants.
  3. Shovel. A shovel is helpful for bigger jobs like planting shrubs and trees. With our thick Georgia clay, a shovel is a necessary part of your outdoor tool kit. We recommend one with a durable steel blade.
  4. Rake. Rakes aren’t just for collecting leaves in the fall. Use yours to spread mulch and get rid of debris like weeds, moss, and leaves. It’s one of the least expensive but most important elements of your lawn care arsenal. It wouldn’t hurt to have two — one for heavier tasks like spreading soil and mulch and a lighter one for handling leaves and debris.
  5.  Shears. Shears are helpful for a variety of tasks. Use a large pair for pruning plants and cutting back vines and branches and smaller ones to harvest your garden’s flowers.
  6. Hedge Trimmer. Keep your large shrubs and hedges looking neat with a hedge trimmer. There are tons to choose from, but cordless ones make the task much simpler. Aim to find a lightweight version to avoid fatigue. A cousin to the pruning shear, this just makes bigger jobs faster and easier.
  7. String Trimmer. To give your freshly mown lawn a finishing touch, use a string trimmer. It will reach the smaller places that your larger mower can’t — the grass near flower beds, fences, pavement, and mailboxes.
  8. Leaf Blower. Blowers help keep leaves and other debris off of your lawn, which is important for your lawn’s health. They can also be used for cleaning off your porch or blowing dust out of your garage.

Using these tools to maintain your turf’s health is sure to keep your entire outdoor living space looking beautiful this spring and summer. Increase your curb appeal, enjoy your beautiful lawn, and revel in the compliments you’ll receive from your neighbors!