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Lawn Care in Roswell

Do you want to transform your lawn from bare to beautiful? Then call Arbor-Nomics for a professional lawn service that will help you reach your goals. Our certified technicians are excited to offer quality lawn care in Roswell, Georgia and surrounding metro Atlanta cities. If you’ve been searching online for reliable “lawn care near me”, then you have found the answer to your problems. Call today at 770-447-6037 to find out how our Roswell lawn services can make your property the best in the neighborhood.

Quality Lawn Care in Roswell

If you’re looking for dependable Roswell lawn services, then our experts are always ready to deliver. Our lawn care services will help you maintain your gorgeous grass all year long. The process involves multiple applications of the industry’s best pre-emergent for weed control, as well as our custom high quality fertilizer at specific intervals. This helps support maximum absorption of potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients that are vital to the health and longevity of your grass, and is particularly helpful for Zoysia, Bermuda or Fescue lawn varieties.

Aeration Lawn Service

Just like any plant in your landscape, grass also needs space so it can gain regular access to air, essential nutrients and clean water. Unfortunately, after a cold winter, a combination of frost and hard clay frequently smother roots, making it very difficult for grass to stay alive. Aeration is an excellent technique that can help restore and revitalize your grass. Our technicians will remove a few small plugs of soil, which offers your grass roots a much needed breathe of fresh air. Spring aeration will help to reduce compaction, can increase resistance to drought or excessive heat, and will encourage your lawn to produce grass that is thick, vibrant and beautiful.

Effective Pest Control

Mosquitos, fire ants, ticks and fleas can cause major issues for you and your family. They can make it very difficult for pet owners or parents of young children to enjoy spending time outdoors. Are you tired of forcing your kids to stay inside the house on a beautiful Saturday? Have you avoided inviting friends and family over for a backyard barbecue or pool party? There’s no reason to wait any longer. Call Arbor-Nomics today. Our seasonal pest control services can help you get your property back in shape fast and is a popular service that we are happy to provide for existing customers.

Roswell Lawn Services

Still Searching for “Lawn Care Near Me”? Call the Experts at Arbor-Nomics

Is it time for you to start taking your lawn service more seriously? Then hire the experienced technicians at Arbor-Nomics today. Whether you need spring aeration, reliable pest control, quality fertilization, weed prevention or any other important residential Roswell lawn service, our team of lawn care professionals are always ready to lend a helping hand. Contact our office to learn more about the offerings available in your neighborhood, or to schedule your next convenient appointment for lawn care in Roswell, Georgia or a nearby community.

Lawn Care in Roswell

Reviews for Roswell, GA

Overall Experience: 5
/5 – Lawn Service Roswell

I’ve been a customer of Arbor-Nomics for a few years but I have to take a moment and give them a shoutout today. I think you only get to know your service provider when you have a problem. My yard isn’t looking as great as it normally does so I put in a service request via the website. Imagine my surprise when the actual technician (Josh) called me to discuss the problem and discuss a remediation plan! It was great to hear and understand the issues, plus his honesty about what the treatment might or might not do – full transparency. In a world of chat bots and automated telephone systems, it’s refreshing to have this kind of personal attention and this is the reason you should go with smaller companies like this.