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Avoid Water Waste with an Irrigation System

Do your utility costs rise when you water the lawn in spring and summer? Have you noticed areas of flooding due to overwatering? Then you might be considering investing in an irrigation system. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide high quality lawn care services in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. Our certified lawn care specialists enjoy helping local property owners find ways to improve the quality and condition of their lawns, and we want to do the same for you. Are you considering whether an irrigation system is a good investment? Here is some information that can help you make the best choice for your needs.

Irrigation System vs Portable Sprinklers?

Many homeowners choose to water their lawns with basic portable sprinklers that attach to a water hose. While these types of sprinklers will deliver water to your grass, there are some disadvantages. First, they require a lot of time and attention from the property owner. Those who use these basic systems must closely monitor water levels to avoid using too much or too little water. They must also be moved from one location to another, which can be labor intensive for homeowners with large yards. An in-ground irrigation system will place sprinklers strategically throughout your lawn, to ensure an even distribution of water. Modern units also have a lot of amazing features, that allow property owners to customize settings based on their unique needs.

Why Monitoring Rain Levels is Good for Your Lawn

While grass, flowers, shrubs and ornamental trees all require adequate moisture to stay alive, an overabundance of water can also create problems. Plant roots need access to oxygen, vitamins and minerals in order to survive. Overwatering can deplete oxygen levels, erode soil and might even strip away essential nutrients from the ground. Continued behavior can also create conditions that invite harmful mold, fungi or pests. An irrigation system can help homeowners prevent such lawn care problems by ensuring that their sprinklers only provides water when nature has failed to do so. Lawns typically require between 1 and 1.5 inches of water per week. An advanced irrigation system can make the process of monitoring rainwater more convenient

Can Homeowners Benefit Financially from Investing in an Irrigation System?

On average, American families spend between $3,000 and $16,000 on landscaping design and installation. Failing to water your lawn properly cause the health and beauty of your lawn to decline. Investing in an irrigation system will help to ensure that your luscious landscape remains vibrant long term. Homeowners can receive an even higher return on their investment thanks to a reduction in water usage, which can create a decrease in monthly utility costs.

Are You Looking for Ways to Improve Health of Your Lawn? Call Arbor-Nomics

Does your lawn need to be revitalized? Has your grass suffered damage due to drought, frequent flooding, out of control weeds or other circumstances? Call Arbor-Nomics today, and let our experienced professionals restore the beauty of your grass. We offer weed control, outdoor pest control and a wide range of lawn care services. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with a certified lawn care specialist in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Woodstock, Georgia or a surrounding city.