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Top Fall Plantings for Atlanta

The peak of the summer heat is behind us, and we are fast approaching the cool and crisp temperatures of fall. You might consider fall to be the season that puts plant-life to sleep as many trees shed their leaves and enter dormancy, but fall is not the end of gardening or planting. Though we do have a fall season here in Atlanta, our Southern climate is relatively mild which means you have many options for planting vegetables and flowers. Below, we’re reviewing some of the top fall plantings for Atlanta. Our Arbor-Nomics experts can help you take care of your lawn so that you can enjoy it all season long.

Keep Healthy With These Vegetables

If you want to take advantage of your garden year-round, then you should know which vegetables thrive in each season. Now that we are at the end of August, we have to be wary of the frost date, which is around the middle of November. So, count backwards from the number of days the vegetable takes to mature and add a few extra days to allow for harvesting the crop. For instance, if snap beans mature in 50-55 days, then you should plant sometime in the first or second week of September.

Cucumbers and squash, preferably varieties which are resistant to downy mildew, can be planted during the first days of September. You can plant cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, collards, kale, and onions in September as well. The mild weather in September and October is also ideal for carrots, lettuce, mustard greens, radishes, spinach, and turnips.

Plant Now, Bloom Later

The harsh cold of winter is enough to wipe out most flowers, but some species can bring color to your yard even when temperatures are bone-chilling. Others can be planted in the fall and lay low until they bloom in the spring. Want to keep your yard lively even during the dull season of winter? Consider these flowers.
If you want to have a rainbow of flowers, plant your pansies eight inches apart. Pansies can handle a light amount of snow covering and frost without dying, so you might be able to see them bloom during the gloomy winter. What a great way to brighten things up!

Imagine some tall and colorful tulips running about six to twelve inches tall with red, yellow, orange, and even purple hues. Tulips are practically made for the South, able to grow year after year in our climate. They go great behind the equally colorful pansies. These beauties require a few months of cool temperature then some bright sunshine after blooming. The best time to plant tulips is mid-October.

Some of the other spring-bloomers for Atlanta include hyacinth and daffodils. Plant these flowers mid-month in October for best results.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Thriving

If you want to keep your landscape in its best shape, then go above and beyond just planting. Invest in your lawn, tree, and shrub care with one of Arbor-Nomics’ award-winning lawn care programs. Call now for an estimate.