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Importance of Fall Pre-Emergents

Fall begins in a little over two weeks from now, and many homeowners think that gardening and lawn care come to a pause during this season. After all, leaves are falling, and trees are entering dormancy – right? Well, not exactly. There is still a lot of work to do during the fall so that your plants, shrubs, and trees spring back healthier and more vibrant than ever once temperatures heat up again. The most important task is to apply pre-emergent. Leave the work to Arbor-Nomics. Our lawn care programs include weed control with pre- and post-emergent applications. Call now to learn more about our offers and get a free estimate.

What Is Pre-Emergent?

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, and pre-emergent can save you time and money in the spring. Applying pre-emergent is a preventative measure to combat weed growth on your turf. These products come in a liquid form as well as a granular form. There are many types of pre-emergent, each tackling specific weeds, but they all serve the same purpose: to prevent weeds from germinating. Why deal with pulling weeds or seeing them all over your yard when you can prevent them in the first place?

How Does Pre-Emergent Work?

Pre-emergent herbicides contain chemicals. These chemicals inhibit plant growth and work by creating a protective barrier in the soil. When weed seeds start to germinate, they will grow toward this layer of dirt. The seed will not be able to undergo cell division and produce necessary enzymes to produce a seedling. Rather, the weed will be destroyed before it has a chance to break through the topsoil. In short, pre-emergent will prevent the seeds from germinating.

Act Fast

You have a narrow window of opportunity to apply pre-emergent. Most pre-emergent needs to be applied once soil temperatures are below 70 degrees and begin to drop It also needs to be applied before the potential weeds germinate. If applied after they sprout, the pre-emergent will likely not work. So, act fast. If you do not have the time to learn about the many different types of pre-emergents, their impact on your particular lawn, and how to apply them, then call Arbor-Nomics to leave that work to our certified landscape specialists. We have a host of lawn care program options and packages. Our courteous representatives are happy to provide a consultation and help you choose the best package to suit your needs.

Choose Arbor-Nomics

When it comes to lawn care, there is no option quite like Arbor-Nomics. We are a local company dedicated to looking after our community members’ lawns. Our friendly representatives are always ready to take your call and our certified landscape specialists are experienced, trained, and equipped to provide top-tier lawn care services in Woodstock, GA and all nearby cities in The Metro Atlanta. Call Arbor-Nomics now to learn about our lawn care programs and get your price estimate.