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Mitigating the Damage of Winter Desiccation

Winter desiccation can be a concern for property owners in the Atlanta, GA region. Winter can sometimes have a series of dry spells, leaving plants and grass vulnerable to health risks. At Arbor-Nomics, we offer premium lawn care services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. Are you concerned about winter desiccation? Here is some information that can help you protect your lawn this winter and all year long.

What Does Desiccation Mean?
Desiccation is a term used to describe severe loss of moisture in an object. It is most often used to describe plants that have been negatively affected by long periods of drought. Many people associate desiccation with summer since this is when drought and high temperatures frequently converge. However, the harsh winter weather can often have periods of dry weather as well, which can make moisture retention difficult.

How Does Moisture Loss Effect Plants?
Even in areas with moderate winter climates, this season can still have harsh elements like reduced temperature, high winds and low precipitation. These environmental conditions can create a loss of moisture inside plants, that can damage outer foliage, cause evergreen needles to turn brown and die or create adverse conditions for your lawn. The stress that water deprivation can cause for grass may increase susceptibility to other issues like pest infiltration and plant diseases.

Ways to Retain Moisture During the Winter Season
Thankfully, there are actions that property owners can take to minimize the effects of moisture loss in grass and other plants. Property owners might consider creating physical barriers for more delicate plants or tree saplings, which can protect them from wind damage. Examples may include the installation of windbreaks, privacy screens or hardier evergreen bushes. Also, be sure to continue periodically watering your grass and other plants in the winter during times of little rainfall. When you do choose to water your lawn, carefully observe the temperature, since watering during freezing temperatures can create issues for your grass and other plants. Applying a layer of quality wood mulch on your garden beds or around your trees and shrubs can also help retain moisture and prevent erosion and wind damage.

Do You Need Help Caring for Your Lawn This Winter? Call Arbor-Nomics Today
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