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How to Top Dress a Lawn

Have you recently heard someone talking about the benefits of top dressing, but you are still confused about what it is? Are you considering top dressing the lawn on your home or commercial property? At Arbor-Nomics, we provide premium lawn care services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area locations. Top dressing can help homeowners create better conditions for grass, and we want to demystify the topic for you. If you are deciding whether top dressing will be worth the effort, then read below for some more details on how to achieve great results for your own lawn. We have provided some helpful information that can help you make the right choices for your property.

What Is Top Dressing?
Top dressing consists of a mixture of sand and soil, which is then applied to the surface of your lawn. This layer of soil is very thin, usually between a quarter to half an inch deep. While this may seem like an unusual thing to do, top dressing can provide a range of benefits for property owners. It can help to reduce thatch, by improving decomposition. It can also defend grass seedlings that have recently been planted. Top dressing is also frequently performed on turfgrass fields to prevent desiccation in the winter season. It can also help lawns recover after being aerated.

When Should Property Owners Invest in Top Dress?
Top dress can be applied in the fall or early winter in the Atlanta, Georgia area, before grass becomes dormant. It can also be performed in spring before temperatures have reached extreme levels. The frequency of your top dress applications will depend on many factors, but it is generally recommended that it be performed once per year.

Best Practices
Top dressing should always be a similar match to your existing soil composition. Neglecting this important factor could cause an imbalance in soil conditions and create a negative layer effect that is not as beneficial. Also, top dressing is most effective when performed annually or semi-annually rather than on a more frequent basis.

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