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Types of Grass In Ga: Choosing the Best Grass for Your Lawn

There are 3 types of grass in Ga that are popular and grow very well in the greater Atlanta area. They are Bermuda grass, fescue, and zoysia. However, it does not mean that any one of these is perfect for your yard. Here’s what you need to know to make the best choice.

Bermuda grass tolerates traffic and drought but not deep shade.

Few types of grass in Ga heavy traffic like Bermuda.  That’s why it’s used for golf courses and public spaces, as well as residential lawns. Once established, it’s also very drought tolerant. If your yard is a busy place with kids, pets, and outdoor parties, Bermuda grass is an excellent choice.

However, it needs full sun to thrive. So, before you cover every inch of your yard with Bermuda, take note of areas that are heavily shaded by trees or a neighbor’s house. Forego Bermuda grass in these areas, and opt for a more shade-tolerant grass or groundcover.

Fescue tolerates shade but not summer heat.

Fescue is a cool-season grass, which means it thrives in spring and fall. If summer is when you want your lawn to really shine, fescue is probably not for you. That aside, fescue is less particular than Bermuda grass about sunlight. It can thrive in sunny and shady locations, making it ideal in yards that have both or for just the shady spots in a Bermuda lawn.

Zoysia tolerates shade and drought but needs more water than Bermuda grass.

Versatile zoysia loves the sun but also does well in partial shade. Another plus for zoysia is drought tolerance; however, compared with Bermuda grass, zoysia requires more frequent watering during the hot summer months.

Are you in hardiness zone 7 or 8?

If you’ve ever looked at the back of a seed packet, you probably noticed a map of the United States with bands of different colors running across it. Those colors represent different hardiness zones, which tells you what grows best where.

Believe it or not, the greater Atlanta area spans different hardiness zones. For example, some parts of Atlanta are in zone 7; others are in zone 8. Although the 3 types of grass in Ga are all well suited to both these zones, fescue’s ideal zone is zone 7. You can find the zone for your zip code. Find the Zone for your zip code.

While choosing the best grass for your lawn can be daunting, caring for it doesn’t have to be. Our lawn care specialists are here to advise you and help keep your turf healthy and green.