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Zoysia Grass


  • Versatile: Access to water and sunlight can vary — widely — and Zoysia grass will still grow well, normally requiring little in the way of fertilization. Its deep root system means very little irrigation, if any, is necessary. Many homeowners find that a Zoysia lawn needs to be mowed only once for every three times that other grasses require
  • Resilient: It’s less affected by diseases, insects, and weeds that pose serious threats to other types of grass.
  • Dormant in Winter: Although Zoysia loves hot weather, it does not die off when cold sets in. Instead, it takes on a golden brown color after the first frost. It begins to emerge from its long winter’s nap when the soil temperature reaches 50°F, earlier than many other grasses.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Naturally low-growing, it looks great and is soft to the touch.

Zoysia Plan

The Arbor-Nomics yearly Zoysia lawn care plan is designed to produce a beautiful lawn with the thick, cushiony feel of lush carpet.

Application #1: A pre-emergent to prevent most grassy weeds (including crabgrass) from showing up this spring and a weed control to kill broadleaf weeds that have germinated. Potassium and phosphorus to provide nutrients as your lawn comes out of dormancy, enhancing the root structure for stronger, thicker growth.

Application #2: A second application of pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control. The pre-emergent blocks the development of crabgrass and many other kinds of grassy weeds, and the broadleaf weed control will cause those weeds to yellow and die. Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer will be applied to help roots grow stronger and thicker while controlling surge growth and the spread of funguses in the spring and summer.

Application #3: Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer to nourish turf until our next visit, plus weed control to minimize broadleaf weeds and keep your lawn looking its best.

Application #4: Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer, which will provide nutrition to the grass until our next visit, plus weed control to minimize broadleaf weeds.

Application #5: A pre-emergent to prevent grassy weeds from germinating in the wintertime and a broadleaf weed control. Those weeds should die off within two weeks of the treatment.

Application #6: A pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds and a treatment to get rid of broadleaf weeds.

Application #7: A mix of calcium and magnesium to help maintain optimal soil pH. This application reduces acidity to promote healthier, more vigorous turf. Weed control as needed.