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Tips to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

No one can pinpoint the moment when spring begins, so we’ve come up with various formal calendar entries and informal rules of thumb to go by. Many experts in Georgia name March 1st as, if not the start of spring in our region, at least a useful reminder to start thinking about it. A lawn care company like Arbor-Nomics can take care of the bigger tasks like applying fertilizer and pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides. Meanwhile, here are some chores you can take on yourself to help your lawn emerge from dormancy healthy and strong.

1. Clean Up

You probably keep up with the random debris that winter weather can leave on your lawn, but if there are any stray branches or windblown lawn ornaments left, now is the time to dispose of them. Dormant grass remains alive, and anything lying on top of it is blocking sun and rain, as well as creating a hiding place for potentially harmful pests.

2. Check for Standing Water

Late winter is a great time to check your property for drainage problems. Standing water is an open invitation for disease-carrying mosquitos to breed, and leveling your lawn allows water to be absorbed across a broader area of soil instead of puddling in one place. You can do this by adding topsoil over existing grass and reseeding or installing sod. 

3. Deal with Bare Patches

If you notice that grass isn’t growing in spots around your lawn, it’s easy to seed or plant some grass plugs. In either case, you’ll need to give the affected areas some extra attention for five weeks or so as the grass gets established. It’s important to note that this is a piecemeal approach. If any area remains inhospitable to grass, consult a lawn care professional.

4. Remove Dead or Unwanted Plants

Try as we might to protect them, some plants may not make it through the months of cold weather. Removing them allows you to replace them or try one of the many new ornamentals introduced every year.

5. Prune Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Pruning just when spring is about to begin is the best way to encourage new growth in a large majority of ornamental trees and shrubs. The cold weather means that fewer fungi and insects are around to enter the tree through the openings created when limbs are removed. In addition, the absence of foliage makes it much easier to see what you’re doing, which is important when, for example, you’re trying to distinguish dormant limbs from dead ones.

6. Lawn Mower Maintenance

An annual mower checkup means that a visit to a repair shop will be less likely to disrupt your mowing schedule. In addition, your mower will operate more efficiently.  The process normally includes changing the oil and spark plugs and sharpening the blade. A sharp blade makes a clean cut; a dull one tears grass blades, which may turn an unattractive shade of brown at the tips. If you normally have these tasks done by a lawn equipment or small engine repair shop, it’s best to get in line early so your first mow of the year doesn’t involve extra-long grass.

An experienced lawn service company like Arbor-Nomics can answer your questions about any of these tasks and many other topics. In addition to weed control, we provide lawn fertilization, outdoor pest control, and much, much more. Our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help with all of your lawn service needs.