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Beyond Lawn Care – Part One of Two: Your Tree Checklist For April

As a lawn service company, we at Arbor-Nomics are proud of the role we play in keeping your yard beautiful. But we know that grass isn’t the only element of your landscape that can be harmed by harsh winter conditions. Now’s the time for a close look at your trees so you can address problems before they become serious.

Give Your Trees a Once-Over

Your trees should get a thorough inspection at least once a year, and early spring is the ideal time. Here’s a quick review of major issues to look for in each of a tree’s three sectors.

1. The base:

– mushrooms or conks (these can also signal a problem if they appear along

root flares, the sections of the root system above ground level)

– raised or cracked soil on only one side 

2. The trunk and branches:

– large branches that are dead or threatening to fall

– cracks or breaks in the middle of branches or at the points where

branches emerge from the trunk

– branches growing from the trunk at narrow angles

– wounds oozing sap

– areas where bark is missing

– hollowing or any kind of cavity in the trunk or limbs

3. The foliage:

– leaves distributed unevenly around the canopy

– leaves that are twisted, stunted, or display an unhealthy color

As you know, Arbor-Nomics is a lawn care company, providing weed control, lawn fertilization, insecticides to control outdoor pests, and much more. While our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help with all of your lawn service needs, we leave the tree care in the capable hands of the professional arborists at our sister company Arbor-Nomics Tree. The training and experience of our Certified Landscape Specialists extends well beyond lawn service – we also provide ornamental tree and shrub care. If you have questions, contact Arbor-Nomics today.