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The 5 Basic Lawn Care Tools You Need

The team at Arbor-Nomics provides property owners in the metro Atlanta, GA, area with quality lawn care services that ensure the health and wellbeing of their grass. Of course, if you want an exceptional landscape, you must invest in the maintenance of your lawn with professional treatments. However, homeowners must also keep their grass well cared for between appointments. Here is a list of five tools that can help make lawn care more manageable.

Lawn Mower
The lawn mower is perhaps the most essential tool of all for homeowners. It will keep your grass well-trimmed, encourage abundant growth, and create an overall beautiful landscape. However, property owners must follow important guidelines when using their mower. For instance, you should not remove more than a third of the grass height. Be sure to keep your blades at the proper level to avoid destroying your lawn. It is safe to mow the same day as a professional lawn treatment. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn will recycle the nutrients back into the soil. The mowing frequency is also an important factor to consider, as the grass will need to be trimmed more often during warm weather and less in Fall and Winter.

Sprinkler System
A quality sprinkler system is also critical to the health of your grass. This is because grass, like all plants, requires an ample supply of water to grow and remain vibrant. Drought-prone areas rely on sprinkler systems even more. However, our sprinklers need to be designed appropriately to ensure even water distribution throughout your property. Oversaturation in certain areas can lead to plant diseases, insect population growth, and soil erosion. Likewise, a lack of water in some areas can cause dry grass that eventually dies, creating a patchy and unattractive yard. The average lawn requires approximately one inch of water per week. A rain gauge can help homeowners measure the exact amount of rain fall and will therefore know how much water to supplement.

Another great tool to have on hand is a wheelbarrow. This can help ease the burden of carrying heavy loads of garden soil and other items when planting a garden or flowerbed. It can also help make certain lawn care tasks like leaf collection simpler and faster.

Leaf Blower
While a small number of leaves won’t be harmful to your lawn, a large cluster of them can impede sunlight and airflow. If this layer of leaves is left in place for too long, then it can quickly suffocate your beautiful grass. Many homeowners reach for a rake to remove the leaves; however, the tongs can harm grass blades, so they are not recommended. Leaf blowers can help property owners easily gather leaves into one area to be discarded or composted.

Edger or String Trimmer
If you want to keep the edges of your landscape looking crisp and clean, then an edger should also be on your wish list. Edgers have sharp blades, while string trimmers use a small plastic string that is turned at very high speeds. As the edger or trimmer is moved along a walkway, driveway, street, or flower bed, it cuts into the overgrowth and elevates the look of your lawn.

Do You Need Professional Lawn Care Services?
While the tools provided above can help homeowners maintain their lawns, true lawn care success requires expert attention to grass health and soil conditions. The Certified Landscape Specialists at Arbor-Nomics offer premium fertilization, pest and weed control, and lawn care services for local Atlanta, Georgia, customers. If you’re ready to invest in a treatment program that will keep your lawn in excellent condition year-round, then call today and find out how we can help you achieve the yard of your dreams.