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How to Create Outdoor Ambience with Lighting

At Arbor-Nomics, we consider outdoor spaces another room of your home. From hot summer months to late fall, we think it’s important to take advantage of your lawn as much as you can. Whether you want to extend your outdoor summer fun or enjoy your space when the days are short and cooler, lighting is a key element. Here are our tips on creating beautiful, ambient lighting for your outdoor space so that you can enjoy your Atlanta lawn all year.

  • Layer Your Lighting. Light up your lawn with varying sources. From accent lights to spotlights to string lights, varying the heights and types of lighting you use is both practical and eye-catching. Consider path lights to illuminate a walkway, spotlights to highlight a large tree or water feature, and string lights to create ambience on your patio. The options are endless!
  • Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space. Whether you enjoy a deck, patio, or a secluded area of your lawn, strategic lighting can help you create a “room” outdoors. We recommend using string lights or an outdoor pendant for overhead lighting as well as a few small path lights to designate the living area. If your deck has stairs, discreet step lights provide safety along with decorative value.
  • Use Lighting as Décor. Citronella candles in the spring and summer or luminary lanterns in the fall and winter create an ambient touch outdoors. A fire pit also offers both form and function – enjoy it to roast marshmallows in the summer and keep warm in the fall while it provides soft lighting.
  • Light Up a Special Feature. If you have a large tree in your landscape design, consider using up lighting to highlight its beauty at night. Similarly, if your driveway is lined with trees or shrubs, using uplighting to highlight their shapes is welcoming as well as striking. If your lawn features a water element, underwater lights or spotlights will also add interest to your landscape.

Take advantage of your lawn – even when the days are hot in the summer or short in the winter – by integrating strategic lighting elements into your landscape. With these tips, we hope you can enjoy your Arbor-Nomics lawn all year round!