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How to Deal with Bagworms

When you were 8 years old, bagworms were pretty cool. Every summer in Georgia we see brown “tents” or sacks showing up on trees and shrubs. As a kid, when you realized these tents were full of tiny worms, it was kind of magical. It was fun to watch the worms crawling around inside their homes. Unfortunately, as an adult you know that bagworms are bad news. These tiny creatures…

Large patch disease in Zoysia lawn

Caring for Your Zoysia Grass in Atlanta

Atlanta is famous for its mild winters and hot, humid summers, sometimes hitting clear over 100 degrees. While the summers are typically humid, that doesn’t necessarily mean steady rainfall. Drought is not uncommon, and when coupled with poor attention to the lawn by homeowners, the combination can serve as a one-two punch to your lawn. Why Zoysia? The reason most homeowners and investors choose to use Zoysia grass in Georgia…