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Aeration of Fescue lawn.

Fall Fescue Care

Now’s that time when Fescue lawns have reached their low point. But have no fear – it’s a normal phenomenon, and with an effective Atlanta lawn care program, you can get your turf looking lush and green in no time. Summer stress does a number on cool-season turf like Fescue, causing bare patches and thinning grass. That’s why fall aeration and overseeding, paired with proper fertilization, is essential to recovering…

Pink azalea shrubs

Top 5 Tree and Shrub Care Mistakes to Avoid

Your grass is only part of the equation when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. Landscaping is another big component. To keep your yard looking its best, you need to not only focus on lawn care service, but also make ornamental tree and shrub care a priority in your Atlanta lawn care routine. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, and one misstep can have major implications for the health…

Sprinkler watering lawn and lawn mower

Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is prime time for homeowners to enjoy their yards, so of course everyone wants a lawn that looks its best. Unfortunately, many people face frustration and disappointment while working toward their dream lawns. Many of those problems can be avoided with a few adjustments to your Atlanta lawn care routine. Here are four top lawn care mistakes our Certified Landscape Specialists see, and how you can avoid them. #…

Close-up of tick on leaf.

The Threat of Ticks in Atlanta

Sickness spread by insects is a real threat. Disease cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control from infected mosquitoes, ticks and fleas in the U.S. have tripled over the last 13 years, thanks in large part to the Zika virus. Tick-borne illnesses alone doubled between 2004 and 2016. Learn the risks that ticks pose and how you can stay protected. Some Diseases Ticks Carry: Most cases can be treated…

Yellow and black bird on branch.

How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

While birds may not be your first thought when you consider your Atlanta lawn care services, tending to your lawn and garden can indeed help attract beautiful wildlife. Birds frequent gardens regularly, and for those of us who enjoy their colors and songs, it’s easier than you would think to draw them to your yard. Here are some tips to increase your bird population: A Bird’s Gotta Eat Many birds…

Landscaping along a fence.

Fence Line Planting and Gardening

If your house is one of the many with a perimeter fence, you have a variety of landscaping options to add interest to your landscape. Whether you’re looking to enrich the aesthetic feel of your yard or provide additional cover and privacy, fence line planting is important. You can construct several different looks depending on what you plant. What to Plant with Privacy in Mind If you are trying to…

Monkey grass with violet blooms

How to Maintain “Monkey Grass”

Chances are if you live in Atlanta, you’ve seen this ornamental grass and likely have some in your yard. This popular plant is as an ideal candidate for groundcover and border planting in the south. Its hardiness and versatility make it an easy choice for Atlanta homeowners. Monkey grass requires very little maintenance but yields great rewards in its ability to give your yard an aesthetic facelift. Monkey Grass Facts:…


How to Deal with Bagworms

When you were 8 years old, bagworms were pretty cool. Every summer in Georgia we see brown “tents” or sacks showing up on trees and shrubs. As a kid, when you realized these tents were full of tiny worms, it was kind of magical. It was fun to watch the worms crawling around inside their homes. Unfortunately, as an adult you know that bagworms are bad news. These tiny creatures…

Large patch disease in Zoysia lawn

Caring for Your Zoysia Grass in Atlanta

Atlanta is famous for its mild winters and hot, humid summers, sometimes hitting clear over 100 degrees. While the summers are typically humid, that doesn’t necessarily mean steady rainfall. Drought is not uncommon, and when coupled with poor attention to the lawn by homeowners, the combination can serve as a one-two punch to your lawn. Why Zoysia? The reason most homeowners and investors choose to use Zoysia grass in Georgia…