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Outdoor Activities for Family Fun This Summer

You work hard to keep your lawn lush and thriving. Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the results of your (and your lawn care company’s) labor with some quality family time (when it’s not too hot). Here’s a list of ideas we gathered, at least some of which are sure to be new to you.

(As a lawn care company, we feel obligated to say up front that some of these suggestions might be hard on your grass. We suggest confining some activities to your driveway, porch, or patio. You might also consider dedicating part of your lawn to games and other high-energy fun in order to protect the rest.)


You can make some decorations permanent, or you can choose materials that allow the artistically minded to express themselves without permanent effects. Chalk is great for drawing on hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks, while various kinds of paint can be used to decorate all kinds of things, from outbuildings and fences to rocks and branches — even an old sheet, or each other.


Move some meals outdoors for a change of pace. Grilling produces those great smells that’ll have your mouth watering by the time the food is ready. If you won’t have time to cook, you can put together a picnic in advance. Homemade ice cream is a perennial favorite, as are marshmallows toasted over an open fire, either in s’mores or by themselves.


Epic battles involving water balloons, water guns, or just the hose also provide your grass with a healthy drink. A water balloon can also serve as a piñata, as long as no one is expecting candy to fall out. If you have sprinklers, adapt tag or another game to include running through their spray. It’s surprisingly easy to make your own Slip ‘n’ Slide out of a roll of plastic; instructions can be found online. With a little imagination, you can even turn bathing the dog or washing the car into a game.


We’ve hardly scratched the surface of your options for family fun. Fly a kite! Jump rope! Learn to hula hoop! Throw an outdoor dance party, or host an outdoor movie night! Organize a scavenger hunt! Get kids involved with gardening and teach them about plants. Collaborate to identify plants in and around your yard and birds that drop by. Collect leaves and flowers to press in a scrapbook or to create a collage. The possibilities are endless!


One final classic: camping in the back yard, to foster (a little bit of) independence in kids or as fun for the whole family. This is also a great opportunity to talk about stars and constellations. It’s even more rewarding with a telescope.

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