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How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles are one of many insect species that can cause issues for homeowners and businesses. At Arbor-Nomics, we offer premium lawn care services for local clients including outdoor pest control in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. If you are struggling with a blossoming Japanese Beetle population on your property, then here are some tips on how to keep these invasive critters far away from your roses or raspberry bushes.

How to Identify Japanese Beetles
Japanese Beetles are actually quite beautiful as far as insects go, with their shimmering metallic-green bodies and stunning coppery wings. They also have six small white dots beneath the edge of their wings. During the initial larvae stage of development, their grubs have a black or gray bottom, a transparent mid-section and a dark brown head. The adults are usually found feasting on the leaves of their favorite plants, while the grubs are nestled 5 to 6 inches beneath the ground. Larvae will wiggle their way closer to the soil’s surface in springtime and develop into flying beetles by early summer.

Why Are Japanese Beetles a Problem for Property Owners?
Japanese Beetles can be detrimental at every stage of life. As a grub, they will feed on the delicate roots of grass and other plants. When they reach adulthood, they continue wreaking their havoc by chewing on the leaves and blossoms of popular ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. In fact, these shiny green beetles target more than 300 different plant varieties including crepe myrtles, fruit trees, linden trees and even poison ivy. Their presence can also attract other pests like skunks, moles and raccoons who think the beetle larvae is an excellent snack. These larger animals can destroy your lawn while searching underground for their next meal.

Tips for Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles
Once Japanese Beetles have laid claim to your lawn, they can be difficult to remove completely. Mature females can lay up to 60 eggs in only two days, so their population can explode rather quickly. For this reason, these pesky bugs aren’t always easy to remove. For best results, it is recommended that property owners invest in professional grub control treatments that are designed to limit the growth of Japanese Beetles at different stages of development. At Arbor-Nomics, grub treatment is done in August, and is included at no additional charge with the Silver Plus, Gold Plus and Platinum programs. Our ornamental tree and shrub care program also includes insecticides that can help control Japanese Beetles.

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