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Low-Maintenance Outdoor Plants

At Arbor-Nomics, we enjoy providing quality lawn care services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding communities. Lawns, shrubs and ornamental trees require a lot of effort to maintain. Unfortunately, some home and business owners struggle with conditions that make landscaping a challenge. The addition of low-maintenance varieties can help some property owners achieve balance. If you are trying to minimize your daily maintenance needs, or want beautiful landscaping despite dry weather, shady areas or pest infiltration, then this article is for you. Here is a list of some of the hardiest outdoor plants available.

Resilient in Droughts
Do you frequently forget to water your flower beds? Is your home located in a dry area where water restriction is a common occurrence? Then plant these and enjoy a lush garden, despite receiving little rainfall: Agave, Russian Sage, Veronica, Sedum, Artemisia, Yarrow, Echinacea, Lantana and Lavender.

Thrives in Shady Areas
Does your yard have an overabundance of shade? While this may bring some relief from the summer heat, you may also be disappointed with your attempts at landscaping. Maybe you have several beautiful Southern Oaks on your property. Perhaps you live in an urban setting, where nearby buildings block out most of the sunshine. Here is a short list of decorative plants that will proliferate in the cool shadowy areas of your lawn or backyard: First Frost Hosta, Persian Shield, Ajuga, Caladium and Oakleaf Hydrangea.

Pest Resistant
If you’re neighborhood has a problem with mosquitoes, fleas, spider mites, beetles or other troublesome insects, then consider growing a few insect repelling plants to keep them far away from your outdoor spaces. Pest resistant plants include Chrysanthemums, Lavender, Marigolds, Mint, Thyme and Basil.

Shrubs provide a lot of benefits for homeowners. They enhance soil quality, offer privacy and can attract beautiful birds and butterflies to your yard. However, some varieties require a great deal of pruning and oversight to maintain long term. If you want the rewards of shrubs, but need a low-maintenance option, then include the following in your landscape designs: Nandina, Burning Bush, Hydrangea and Azalea.

Flowering Trees
Ornamental trees can give your lawn an instant burst of color in the spring. While most trees will require occasional pruning, some species are more tolerant than others. If you’re interested in having flowering trees that will grow in a variety of conditions, try Serviceberry, Crape Myrtle, Japanese Maple or Magnolia.

Do You Have High Maintenance Trees and Shrubs in Need of Care? Call Arbor-Nomics
While these low-maintenance plants make great additions to any yard, most homeowners also have ornamental trees, shrubs and grass that need extra tender love and care. If you’re low on time, but want to enjoy a thriving lawn and garden, get help from the experts at Arbor-Nomics. Our certified lawn care specialists are ready to put their training and experience to work for your Atlanta, Georgia area property. From weed control and outdoor pest control to aeration and seeding, our team of specialists are ready to help you reach your goals. Contact our office to learn more, or to schedule a convenient appointment.