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Aeration and Overseeding After Care

Fall aeration and overseeding is essential for Fescue lawns. Since Fescue grass does not self-spread, overseeding will ensure that your lawn remains well established. Aeration will also help to circulate vital nutrients, water and air by reducing soil compaction. While many property owners are aware of the role that aeration and overseeding plays in the health and wellbeing of their lawn, some are not sure what to do after the service has been completed. At Arbor-Nomics, we offer premium lawn care services for local clients in the Atlanta, Georgia area, including fall season Fescue aeration and overseeding. If you are concerned about proper care following your aeration and overseeding appointment, here are some tips to help maximize your success.

Avoid Mowing Until the Grass is Well Established
Give your lawn time to grow. Mowing before your grass is tall enough could hinder its development. Your Fescue lawn will be ready to trim when it has grown three to five inches. Keep in mind that as a rule, property owners should always leave two-thirds of the grass height when mowing.

Water Your Lawn Regularly
If your new seeds become dried out, they will not be able to grow. Therefore, it is important to consistently water your lawn once or twice a day following an overseeding appointment. On the other hand, be careful not to overwater, as the excessive moisture could drown the seeds or cause mold and fungal issues.

Do Not Use Weed Control Chemicals
Weed control treatments are recommended for property owners who want to suppress invasive plant varieties from taking over their garden. However, timing is important. If you use weed control chemicals before your Fescue grass is fully grown, then the chemicals may do more harm than good. Be sure to plan out your professional lawn care treatments carefully. Our team of lawn care experts can create a customized solution that fits your unique needs.

Reduce Traffic
Heavy traffic can cause major damage to newly established grass. Be sure to section off areas of your outdoor space where overseeding and aeration have taken place. Fall holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving can present traffic issues, so be sure to direct trick-or-treaters, family members and guests away from your lawn. Keep in mind that decorations and other items can also inhibit new growth, so keep your pumpkins and Halloween decorations on your porch or walkways, where they will not harm your grass.

Do You Need Help Improving the Health and Beauty of Your Grass? Call Arbor-Nomics Today
Has it been a year since your last professional lawn care service? Ensure the vitality of your lawn by calling the experts at Arbor-Nomics. Our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help you achieve the results you want. Contact our office for more information about our wide variety of lawn care services or to schedule a time to meet with a lawn care professional in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Cumming, Brookhaven, Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Georgia or a nearby metro area neighborhood.