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Winter Lawn Maintenance

Many homeowners assume that since their grass is often dormant during the winter, that they can simply ignore the condition of their grass and soil. While it may be tempting to sit back and relax, there are some important lawn care tasks to perform when the temperature starts to drop. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide high quality lawn services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. Are you wondering what steps to take to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year long? Here is some helpful advice that can make your lawn flourish in the coming Spring.

Change Your Sprinkler Settings
In Atlanta, many homeowners choose to keep watering their lawns through the winter months. Since the southern states receive much less snow and ice than other regions of the United States, it’s possible to keep the irrigation system running all year. However, it is important to change the settings, since winter lawns can be easily overwatered. The amount of water needed will depend on the variety of grass and how much rainfall is received. One inch per week is enough to keep your lawn happy through the season. Also, pay close attention to the weather report, since you’ll need to temporarily prepare your irrigation system and outdoor plumbing for freezing temperatures.

Remove Leaves and Other Debris
If you have large shade trees that drop thousands of leaves every fall, be sure to clear it out before winter sets in. The same goes for fallen branches and any other organic materials. This is important during all seasons of the year, since accumulated debris can suffocate your lawn, prevent the effectiveness of treatments and could invite fungi, bacteria and pests that are harmful to your lawn and soil. While there may be less risk of developing these issues during the winter, it’s always best to remain consistent with your yard maintenance no matter what time of year it is.

Be Strategic About Holiday Decorations
Do you like having the best decorated home during the holidays? Be careful when planning the layout of your decorations. Heavy items should be placed on patios, porches and other areas where you aren’t concerned about the growth of your grass. The weight of large pieces, or excessive foot traffic, can smother grass and compact the soil. If you do choose to install some items in your yard, only keep them up for a few weeks at most, and move them around frequently to avoid damaging a single area of grass.

Avoid Using Rock Salt Near Your Lawn
Atlanta doesn’t receive a lot of ice or snow in the winter, but there are a handful of days each year when the temperature will stay below freezing. Many households keep rock salt on hand, since it is a popular method of quickly thawing ice on porches, driveways and other areas where people are likely to walk on a regular basis. While this may be a fast and affordable technique, the accumulated salt can cause problems with your lawn. The excess sodium can deplete your soil of moisture and might also block vital nutrients from grass roots. Even if you don’t place the rock salt directly on your lawn, water runoff from rain and melted snow could carry large amounts of it onto your grass. If possible, seek alternative methods for deicing your outdoor spaces on cold days.

Mowing Fescue Lawns
A lot of property owners stop mowing their grass altogether when cold weather arrives. This may be the correct approach in regions that remain under a thick blanket of snow all winter, but for warmer climates this isn’t the case. If you have tall Fescue grass, you may need to mow a few times to keep your lawn at the desirable height for the season. Ideally, Fescue should be kept shorter than it is during the summer, around 2 to 2 ½ inches. You may want to adjust your mower’s blades to keep it at this setting until the Spring arrives.

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