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Why Your Lawn Care Is Important During the Winter

Many people pause lawn care during the winter because turf goes dormant, but winter matters if want to have your lawn in the best shape possible for spring’s arrival. If you are committed to keeping your lawn healthy, then focus on lawn care year-round. Below are a few reasons why year-round lawn care makes a difference in the health of your lawn. Arbor-Nomics offers year-round fertilization and weed control. Here are some other things you can do to improve the health of your lawn this winter.

Growth and Development

Though leaves are falling and plants are going dormant, roots continue to grow well into the colder months. Grass roots absorb and store nutrients during the winter months, so make sure to keep traffic off the turf! This will give your lawn a chance to breathe before the grass goes dormant. This time period is great for fertilizing. Arbor-Nomics’ fertilizer can help provide the essential nutrients that your turf needs.
If you want to encourage a healthy lawn for spring, then make sure the turf is protected during its sensitive months of winter. Keep your lawn clear of debris that can suffocate the fragile grass. Take lawn furniture inside, remove the leaves.

Pest Control

You can also keep pests away by removing rotting grass, leaves, and wood from your lawn. Wood can attract termites, and wet grass clippings can attract other insects. Make sure your lawn is clear and clean.
Arbor-Nomics can help with the pest control, too! Plus, our services help year-round, with flea and tick control, mosquito treatment, armyworm and grub prevention, and fire ant control. Call today to learn more about your options.

Disease Management

Keep debris from diseased plants, shrubs, and trees out of any mulch or compost you produce. You can also reduce the risk of disease by keeping wet debris off of the property. Fungus and other pathogens need that water and organic material to thrive.
Consider some of Arbor-Nomics’ lawn care programs if you would like to have specialists take care of the weeds. The specialists at Arbor-Nomics are ready to help.