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Look Out for These Spring Pests

Spring has finally sprung here in Georgia, and we’re excited to get back outside onto our patios and decks to experience the warm sunshine once more. Unfortunately, so are the springtime pests that live in our yard. From ticks to ants and mosquitos, enjoying time outdoors can become a hassle when dealing with such problematic pests. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled for informed pest control.


Ticks are some of the more dangerous pests that flare up this time of year. Ticks can carry some serious diseases including Lyme, Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness, and Alpha-Gal Syndrome, which results in a severe allergy to mammalian meat (red meat), and milk. Both Lyme disease and Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness (STARI) result in long-lasting effects like chronic fatigue, nausea, skin rash, and fever. To ensure tick control in and around your yard:

  • Keep up with lawn care by cutting your grass and minimizing brush around your property
  • Keep hedges and bushes trimmed
  • Discard old or rotten logs and decaying trees
  • Take preventative measures by treating your pets with anti-tick medication

Fire Ants

Fire ants are the smaller and more vicious red ant cousins to normal ants. Fire ants bite and sting their victims in swarms, and are highly aggressive when their nests are disturbed. A swarming colony of them can kill a full-grown adult human, and their bites usually result in swollen red pustules on the skin. Established fire ant colonies of any kind are nearly impossible to handle safely without a professional. Please contact us immediately if you discover a large fire ant mound on your property.


Mosquitos are a common irritant here in the south during the summer, and springtime is no different. The sooner you start treating your yard and surrounding area for them, the better. Mosquito eggs can survive dry environments for up to 8 months until water is added to trigger the eggs to hatch. A female mosquito will use any amount of water as enough to lay up to 100 eggs at a time. Aerating your lawn can help keep the mosquitos at bay by strengthening your grass and eliminating poorly draining spots where mosquitos could lay eggs. A lawn care company like Arbor-Nomics can also help. Our mosquito program helps prevent them from taking over your beautiful yard.

Our climate makes Atlanta an insect paradise. The only solution is constant vigilance and the use of your local lawn care and pest control professionals. Our Outdoor Pest Control and Mosquito services care for these pests and many other types of bugs and insects. Fight back with our Outdoor Pest Control and Mosquito control services.

If you have questions about treating any of these spring pests, or about any other aspect of lawn care, an experienced lawn service company like Arbor-Nomics can answer them. In addition to weed control, we provide lawn fertilization, outdoor pest control, and much, much more. Our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help with all of your lawn service needs in Woodstock, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and all surrounding metro Atlanta areas.