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Clearing Leaves from Lawn

Is your lawn covered with a blanket of fallen leaves? While this image can be temporarily picturesque, leaving the large pile of leaves on your grass long term can be harmful. The professionals at Arbor-Nomics strive to provide high quality lawn care services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and nearby metro area neighborhoods. Our team of certified specialists enjoy helping local families and businesses find ways to improve the condition of their grass and we want you to achieve the same great results for your home. That’s why we’re offering some tips on how to remove and dispose of your leaves without worry or stress.

Why It’s Important to Remove Leaves from Your Lawn
All plants need to receive regular access to oxygen and sunlight to thrive. Your grass is no exception. A thick layer of leaves will keep your lawn from breathing and can also block sunshine. In addition, piles of leaves that are left ignored over time can invite pests, mold and other problematic invaders.

Methods of Leaf Removal
There are multiple ways to gently remove the leaves from your yard without damaging your yard. Leaf blowers are the most highly recommended method for removal, since they are extremely gentle on grass and other plants. Mulching vacuums are also an excellent option. Both tools can help property owners clean up their lawns quickly and without hassle. If you’re looking for an economical alternative, then a quality leaf rake is easily accessible at most hardware stores. Make sure you choose a lightweight model that is the correct length to avoid discomfort or back pain.

How to Properly Dispose of Leaves
If you are a gardener, then the leaves will make an excellent addition to your compost pile. Just be sure to layer them with other materials to avoid a nutrient imbalance in the soil. For those who prefer to discard the leaves entirely, it’s best to check with your local city to learn more about the services available in your area. Most municipalities will have designated “Leaf Day” pickups in the fall. Others will have some regular method of yard waste collection. Large paper bags often suffice, and some areas will offer specific disposal bags for purchase. In most cities, leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs and other yard debris cannot be placed inside the normal trash can or recycle bin. Those who fail to follow city ordinances could be subject to fines, so take the time to research to ensure compliance.

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