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Arbor-Nomics Team

Lawn Care In Doraville

Every homeowner wants to see flawless green grass in their yard, but for most it’s not easy to accomplish. Lawn care takes hours of work that you have to squeeze in after-hours or on the weekend, and some lawns have brown spots that just don’t seem to go away. That’s why Arbor-Nomics offers premier lawn care and the most attentive lawn care service in Doraville.

Why Arbor-Nomics’ Lawn Care Is Better

What’s the worst thing a lawn care service can do to your yard? Over-promise, under-deliver, and send inexperienced staff who do more harm than good. And yet that’s exactly what we see our competitors do year after year.

Many lawn “technicians” only have a week or less of training and no formal certification. Our Certified Lawn Specialists (CLSs) receive a minimum four weeks of training and carry State Pesticide Certification. That means they know what they’re doing and can tell when a lawn is over-fertilized, or when shade or drainage is causing a problem that fertilizer and pesticide won’t fix.

Similarly, many companies teach their staff to use the same treatments over and over no matter what the customer’s lawn needs. At best, that results in paying for treatments you don’t need, and sometimes it actively harms your yard.

At Arbor-Nomics, we give you a 100 percent free lawn analysis and recommend only the treatments that will have a real impact. The result is that we can often fix lawns that other companies gave up on.

Every Problem Has a Solution
Some lawn services offer only a single, basic treatment plan as if all lawns have the same strengths and weaknesses. The truth is every Doraville lawn has its own problem spots and a custom approach can help get them green when nothing else seemed to work. Arbor-Nomics offers many specialized services including:

  • Fungus control: Fungal disease can take a beautiful healthy lawn and turn it into an eyesore in just one season. We offer fungus prevention treatments so you never have to deal with fungal disease, and we can also cure fungus infections once they’ve already set in.
  • Tree and shrub health: Trees and shrubs can be the centerpiece of a gorgeous yard, but when they fall to disease or insects, it takes decades for Mother Nature to replace them. We offer a series of treatments that will inoculate trees and shrubs against the toughest diseases and parasites.
  • The war on pests: No one likes having pests in their yard, and some pests are worse than others. Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor activities, fleas and ticks can wind up in the house, and fire ants and spider nests make basic yard work a pain. We can target any one of these or do all-purpose pesticide treatments. We even offer a one-year no fire ant guarantee!
  • Longer, greener summers: Many lawns don’t seem to look green and beautiful until June, or start thinning out and dying as early as August. We can change that. Spring soil aeration or autumn overseeding can extend your green season substantially.

Your Free Lawn Analysis
Arbor-Nomics offers the best service and the greenest lawns in Doraville. That’s why Home Reports has chosen us as “Best Pick” time and time again—for 17 straight years. Call us today and let us give you a free lawn analysis and quote.