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Family Fun Outdoors That Won’t Hurt Your Lawn. 

People hire a lawn care company like Arbor-Nomics to keep their yards looking their best, but most of us also want to use them – to get outside and enjoy their beauty up close. If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids outdoors and active once school is out but you’re concerned about damage to your lawn, we’ve got some ideas for activities that will entertain the whole family without tearing up your landscape.


1. Badminton – The only equipment that will touch the lawn are the posts at the ends of the net.  (and the shuttlecock when it falls to the ground.)

2. Frisbee – The disc is another piece of equipment that’s too small and light to cause any damage. As with badminton, the only other things that will hit the ground are feet (or paws, if your dog wants in on the action).

3. Ring toss or horseshoes – Here’s a game that requires very little equipment and is very easy to set up yourself.

4. Dodgeball with water balloons – This one pretty much speaks for itself.

5. Cornhole – This game involves tossing bean bags, aiming either at a designated spot on a board or a hole in it. The bags are too lightweight to harm grass, and if you either set up the board in a spot you’ve designated for games or place it in a different part of your lawn each time, you shouldn’t see any effects on your lawn.

6. Expanded tabletop games – You can buy extra-large versions of games like checkers, chess, and tic-tac-toe, or you can make your own pieces as a fun family DIY project. Oversized dice can be used for a variety of games. Another option is Jenga, which you’ll probably want to buy rather than try to make.

By contrast, games like baseball, football, soccer, and volleyball can give your grass a beating. Even croquet and lawn bowling take their toll. No one is going to give up these popular pastimes, but you probably want to consider taking those competitions to other locations.


You will have noticed that all of these games involve some degree of running around. You can minimize wear and tear on your lawn by designating a specific area for games or by doing the exact opposite – playing games in a different spot every time so that one area doesn’t get too much punishment. If possible, you might want to spread the fun over an even wider area, holding game sessions at different houses in your neighborhood or friend group.

In the Atlanta region, we’re fortunate in that the three most common types of grass that do well here – Bermuda, Fescue, and Zoysia – are all relatively tough strains. Still, regardless of your game of choice, it helps to follow a couple of simple rules. When you’re moving equipment around, carry it rather than drag it across the ground. When you’re done, don’t leave anything lying on the lawn. And, when it’s possible, don’t wear shoes.

If you have questions about your grass, outdoor activities, or anything else related to lawn care, an experienced lawn service company like Arbor-Nomics can answer them. In addition to weed control, we provide lawn fertilization, outdoor pest control, and much, much more. Our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help with all of your lawn service needs.