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Easiest Herbs to Grow in Atlanta

Do you want to transform a neglected area of your yard into an oasis full of beautiful and useful herbs? An herb garden can offer a lot of benefits for property owners. Not only are herbs delicious and nutritious, but they can also increase your curb appeal if they are well incorporated into your landscape designs. At Arbor-Nomics, we help local Atlanta, Georgia, area homeowners take better care of their lawns with professional services. If you’re planning to design an herb garden for the spring season, then these plants should grow very well in the Atlanta climate.

Atlanta’s Hardiness Zone
Before buying seeds or seedlings, it’s important that homeowners research the hardiness zone for their area. This is because plants have naturally adapted to certain environments, and it can be difficult to grow some varieties of herbs in areas with more extreme weather conditions. Thankfully, the hardiness zone of the Atlanta area is a warm 7b and 8a, depending on the neighborhood. This means that there are a lot of wonderful options to choose from.
Be sure to read the instructions on the seed packet to determine the best time to plant. Most of the herbs on this list will need to be planted in the springtime if you want to enjoy a bountiful supply later in the year.

Do you need an herb that will grow well in a variety of seasons? Then consider planting oregano. This cold-hardy herb can be grown all year in Georgia. It tastes great and makes a wonderful ornamental plant as well. One of the best features of this plant is that it is a perennial, which means you can continue enjoying the fruits of your labor for years to come.

If you love Italian food, then Basil is a must-have for your herb garden. You can make classic Margherita pizza as well as traditional homemade pesto and pasta sauces using fresh basil from your garden. It is also relatively easy to grow because it is disease-resistant and low maintenance. There are many prolific varieties of Basil that will keep you busy harvesting all summer long.

Do you love to create culinary masterpieces for your loved ones? Cultivate your own bulk supply of seasoning by planting sage in your garden. This drought-tolerant, disease-resistant species will thrive in the warm Georgia weather and make great container plants. Be sure to grow in well-draining soil with access to sunlight.

Like Oregano, Rosemary is also a perennial herb that keeps giving rewards year after year. Rosemary can also be pruned and shaped to fit your landscape design and looks stunning when in bloom. Plant as border shrubs throughout your garden, or along walkways for dramatic effect.

Enjoy a splash of color in your summer garden with dill. This herb has a pretty spray of yellow-tipped flowers that are delicate and breezy. It also tastes amazing when served with canned pickles, potatoes, seafood, and salads.

Do You Need Professional Lawn Care Services? Call Arbor-Nomics
Herbs and grass both require quality soil and pest control services in order to reach their potential. Professional lawn care treatments, weed control, and outdoor pest control can all offer benefits to your landscape designs, lawn and gardens. If you’re interested in reliable local lawn care services in the metro Atlanta, Georgia, area, then call the team at Arbor-Nomics to find out what we can do for your property.