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Defending Your Lawn or Garden Against Summertime Pests

Lawn care is a year-round responsibility and, unfortunately, the summer season is when a good number of pests come out to give you and your garden a hard time. Aphids, armyworms, and fire ants are just some that come to mind. These pests can be harmful for your garden plants, your health, or both. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to defending your turf against summertime pests. If you prefer to leave the lawn care and pest control to the experienced landscape specialists, then call Arbor-Nomics and get in touch with a representative today.


You know of head lice, but have you heard of plant lice? Aphids are tiny, tiny pests that come in a variety of shapes and colors but feed on the same things: the soft tissue and fluids of your garden plants. These pests don’t come one at a time, either. They invade gardens in massive swarms, so if you see one, you can expect to see some more.
Usually, you will notice symptoms of an aphid infestation before you see the aphids themselves. If you find twisted, cupped, or otherwise distorted stems, leaves, or flowers, then you should take a closer look. If you also see honeydew, a sticky secretion that turns black, then chances are good that you have an aphid infestation.
Aphids are not all bad though. They can be great feed for beneficial insects in your garden. Though aphids are not a cause for great concern, their sheer numbers are discomforting at best. A strong spray of water from a hose should knock them off their plants and ladybugs are great hunters of aphids too. If you want to be sure that they are eliminated, then call Arbor-Nomics to consult with a team member.


It may be that armyworms get their name from the fact that they travel in groups, or maybe it’s because of their grayish-green color. Who knows? What we can tell you is that these armyworms are no mere worms. They are highly destructive pests that can take out an entire garden like nothing. They love to nibble on leaves of grass and even strip leaves completely.
The good news is that birds are on your side here and do a great deal of hunting for these armyworms. In fact, if you notice a sudden spike in winged guests, then you might have an armyworm infestation. The birds may not be enough though. You might have to get hands-on with their removal by handpicking them and dropping them in soapy water. Of course, you can also leave the treatment to the folks at Arbor-Nomics.
During the summer, we’ll apply two preventatives. Each application has a 60-day residual effect. The June treatment helps prevent armyworms. The August treatment helps prevent grubs. Both treatments can be applied to all lawn types and have little impact on beneficial insects such as earthworms. This service is included at no charge with our Silver Plus, Gold Plus and Platinum programs.

Fire Ants

When you are in Atlanta, a weekend cookout can quickly be interrupted by unwelcomed fire ants. Anyone who has stepped too close to a fire ant mound knows about the wrath of a fire ant bite. These bites are nothing to take lightly. Fire ants cause over a dozen deaths in the United States every year.
Fire ants come in many different sizes and varieties. Many of them are dangerous. The worst of the worst live in large mounds and fire ant control is difficult. Established fire ant colonies of any kind are nearly impossible to handle safely without a professional. Please contact Arbor-Nomics immediately if you discover a large fire ant mound on your property.

Call Arbor-Nomics

If you are tired of dealing with aphids, armyworms, fire ants, and other pests on your property, then call the team at Arbor-Nomics. Our Certified Landscape Specialists are ready to help you reach your goals. Feel free to contact our office for more details or to schedule a convenient appointment with a local lawn care provider in Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Cumming, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Johns Creek, Peachtree Corners, Suwanee, Georgia or a surrounding neighborhood.