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Current Opportunities

Work for the best-rated lawn care company in Atlanta.

Working for the best-rated lawn care company in Atlanta does have its benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • You’ll receive full benefits including health, dental, vision, 401K, paid holidays, and vacation.
  • Performance counts. You can earn bonuses totaling up to 10% of your salary.
  • Bonuses are based on individual goals, not group goals. In other words, you are the only one who determines whether you’ll receive a bonus.
  • We are a team of self-motivated people who work well independently.
  • You’ll build your own schedule that allows greater work-life balance.
  • If you don’t have your pesticide applicator certification already, we’ll help you obtain it. You’ll also receive ongoing training and education on a weekly basis.
  • You’ll work for an established company. We’ve been operating in the Atlanta area since 1980.
  • You’ll have opportunities to earn extra cash by taking photos and recording videos in the field that the company can use to educate and inform customers.
  • We are not a large corporation with franchisee-run locations. You will have daily contact with our president or vice president and work in a family environment.

When you work at Arbor-Nomics® Turf, Inc., you’re working for the best lawn care company in Atlanta. Our Certified Landscape Specialists and customer service representatives are held to very high standards. We regularly survey our customers, and our company and CLSs routinely receive top ratings for service.

That doesn’t just happen by itself. Both the thorough training that Arbor-Nomics techs receive before they enter the field and their ongoing education go well beyond standard industry practices and requirements. Every one of Arbor-Nomics’ CLSs is required to earn a State Pesticide Certification to assure the safe handling and application of the pesticides that we apply to lawns. It’s not a requirement for the state of Georgia, but it is a requirement for us. Don’t worry. If you don’t already have your license, we’ll give you all of the study materials, pay you to take the test, and give you a bonus when you pass. Because, in the end, it’s important that you know how to handle pesticides safely, recognize when to use them, and apply them correctly.

Questions about employment opportunities?

Contact our Human Resources and Recruiting Manager, Jackie Mathis.